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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2014 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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>>recommend adoption of the draft neighborhood transportation improvement program planning guideline *. >> and we have chief deputy lumbardo, i will try to be brief, and don't hesitate to interrupt me. we had this in the packet, but we did not have time to discuss them. this is the wealth of input that we got during the san francisco transportation plan process and the input from the public and the board members and it is a new program that is funded with the prop k sales tax and i will give you a quick overview. >> as part of the san francisco transportation plan, and i am just going to say sftp from now on, we did some analysis, related to the mobility and equity, that the walking and biking would be key ways to address, socio economic, and geographic disparitis in the city. >> we heard loud and clear from
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the board and the public also tha, is focused more on neighborhoods and sort of the results of that is the creation of the neighborhood transportation and the input. >> and that is, and we noted that the program is funded, primarily with prop k funds and there are two parts of it and there is a capitol program that is meant to provide the match to leverage two projects that be delivered in the next five years and the focus of today's items are planning funds and up to $100,000 available for the next five years to put towards these neighborhood transportation grants and we front loaded the funding and our ability to take on all eleven at one time is obviously limited by the staff resources that are in other agency and so we have a process to kind of help to sort that out. >> and very briefly, what we
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want to achieve is twofold and to approve and, to build the capacity awareness and capacity, and the transportation planning process, which as you know is full, and very complicated and we want to make this accessible and so there is nothing more than the people's lives than the improvements right in their neighborhood and it is also meant to help to strengthen the pipeline and projects and the other funds that the authority directs or that the other funds that are available for the san francisco projects and i will acknowledge that this is a small program that is it is the first year and the important programs and we have found that through the mtc funded based transportation program that means that we have lasting impressions and we leads to a lot of great projects. and the goal was up here on the screen and directly from the sftp findings and you will see that each of the proposed planning efforts have to address, one or more of the goals up on the screen, and i will just note, while it is not required there certainly is an emphasis and a desire to benefit the communities of
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concern in these effort and these are also, the scale, and community supported and this is not the place that if you wanted to look at the central subway, stage three that is somewhere else and these are more improvements such as pedestrian safety or a bike add on to a street resurfacing or the safe routes to the senior centers or schools. >> and we mentioned that to set up to dedicate the fundings to each of the district supervisors and as such, it is set to be a flexible program and so you can taylor the particular program to the needs of your district and so what is on the screen is the types of efforts that could be funded and just to give you an example, commissioner... (inaudible) called the sun select blueprint and that kind of thing would be perfect. and we just approved allocation for commissioner breed's western edition, plan which is
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more of your traditional plan, and this could also take project ideas that will identify in other plans that have been prepared by the community or the city agency and we confirm that the priority and the advanced engineering to make them more ready to implementation and... (inaudible) some of these can be done within the 100,000, and to be the bigger assets like a true corridor plan and the western edition and to leverage other funds and we will work with our offices to be sure that we have something that is scoped properly and that the budget matches the scope and now there is one of the things that we put this together and we worked closely with the mta and the public works and all of the members that are technical working group, including the planning department and the department of public hel and this we all in the different agencies have done the different types of commute and planning effort and we wanted to apply the lessons learned to those and we have tried to incorporate those in the
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guidelines. one those lessons learned is the clear checklist about what it takes to have a good and successful project and much like any home improvement project, the effort that you put in up front for properly planning and identifying your goals and budget, have to paid off at the end and i will just, note a couple of things, when it is although there is great flexibility in what you actually choose to do, every, unset, planning effort has to have a robust, community effort strategy and another finding that we worried about is that regardless of who takes on the planning effort we want to be sure that there is a timely and a smooth transition to the agencis that implement that and the key to doing that is engaging the agencies up front and they want to thank you and the full board for funding those staff, to have coordinators who are working directly with your office to scope out these plans and basically, what we are trying
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to memorialize is that each project have a project charter and it is for the responsibilities for the community members or a group that are involved in and all of the agencies. this probably easier to read in the guidelines, this is the flowchart showing you the process. this is not where we are going to run across the project and there is a deadline and, this is really ultimately each of the offices will recommend which planning effort, you want to happen in your district. and this is the project idea and the project initiation stage that we feel is the most important, and this is something that we see and we ask a lot of questions about and if the community or the safety members have ideas about the particular ideas that contact the offices director or you can contact the coordinators who are for the transportation authority, and craig (inaudible) and work with
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the office to come up with an appropriate project, making sure that we have a clear purpose and need and so forth, part of this project, also, hopefully, the second box that we want to end that the project's charter was funded with the prop k and we want to bring the plans back to you for approval and so that we can prioritize the recommendations for a prop k or other funding. and i would just add here because it is prop k funded, ultimately one of the grant recipients has to be eligible sponsor and it means that it is either public works or the mta and the transportation authority but cal train or the planning department, but the funds can be passed through to work with who we need to to get this done and i think that i will stop there given the hour. we are hoping to get the guidelines approved today and we are working with several of
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your offices they can speak to the ideas that we are working on with your offices. >> thank you. >> i see no questions and let's open this up for public comment, is there anyone that would like to speak? >> public comment is closed. >> if there are no questions, let's have a roll call on this item. >> breed. >> aye. >> campos. >> absent. >> kim? >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> and item 7 passes. >> thank you. >> could you call the next item. >> item 9,geneva- harney bus rapid transit project update. >> good morning, and this is an update on the bus rapid transit feasibility study that we are conducting right now with several partners on the county line and the project, basically connects the balboa park to the shipyard developments connecting the residents and jobs, and both existing and that are coming on-line in the developments and the ideas that
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the alignment will actually go through, and let's see that we don't have the presentation. >> and it will go down the geneva avenue, to balboa and crossing bay shore boulevard and then go through middle and crossing on to the bay view. we are working with projects that will be able to implement as well as working with the long term such as the geneva, extension. >> >> the corridor is expected to increase in the number of trips both because of the increasing in households and jobs. and most of that is actually going to be automobile trips. and our automobile trips and so you can see on this slide, the
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geneva corridor, segments on the left is expected to increase, and all new, and additional trips to be two-thirds, automobile trips, which is a reflection of the current share for this area which is dominated by the automobile trips and so project is trying to mitigate that and two modes, either biking walking and public transit. >> so a couple of the issues that we have been working with, on the boulevard on the left and we have been looking at a couple of trade offs for the right-of-way and some of these include, reducing a vehicle lane and where you will have a infection, and you will have
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increase in the pedestrian walkway and better bicycle infrainstruct stewer these are trade off and we are working on this segment and some of the other sections of the corridor and especially in little hollywood and what we have been focusing on is the response to the community's concerns regarding parking lots and the frequency of the buses traveling through the neighborhood and you can see there that we have been working on what we called a two-way, couplet that will split it into two streets and that will allow to us reduce and minimize the number of spaces left and as well as reduce the number of buses going through the neighborhood street and during the designated time, and we were working with mta right now, to identify how we can do these options and including the idea of an easement through the set which is the dotted line on the low or on the little right of your slide. and that, that easement will allow us to cross 101 in two
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points and that will get us a better transit service and that will keep us in the better at each of the crossings and we are starting out reach, round number two, which is basically holding two community workshops on october 23rd and october 25th in addition to a third community meeting in chinese on october 25th, tentatively where we will be sharing with the committee, the project and the alignment alternatives as well as receiving feedback and we will be coming and requesting for the funds for the study to cover the additional work that we have carried out with sfmta and in addition to covering the costs from the study partners that have extended the passion, mainly from the county, and also, because of additional out reach that we will be conducting. >> next steps for this study,
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we will complete, the alternatives and the retirement by this year and we will begin the light rail component that is looking at a light rail alignment and in march of 2015. thank you. >> and i see no questions, and open this up for public comment, is there anybody that would like to speak? >> this was an information item and so call the next item. >> item ten, san francisco transportation plan and plan bay area update thises is an information item. >> thank you. >> hi, so, the transportation, commission and the association of the area government are having their the regional transportation plans strategy update and they plan to complete their update by 2017, with a call for projects in 2015 and the san francisco county transportation authority will be helping to prioritize,
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it for an update through the update for our own, and transportation plan and the update will be focused and reflecting also the focus and methodology that the ietp will follow and we plan to come to the next plans and committee with a presentation on this item. >> excellent, thank you. >> let's open this item up for public comment. anyone from the public that would like to speak? >> public comment is closed. could you call the next item. >> introduction of new items. >> and i see no new items introduced. let's open this up for public comment. anyone from the public that would like to speak? >> public comment is closed. >> please call the next item. >> public comment. >> anyone that would like to speak? >> public comment is closed. >> is there any other business before us? >> no, item 13. >> commissioner kim? >> i would just like the opportunity to vote on item number two if possible? >> we need a motion to rescind item two, could we do that without objection? >> we will do a roll call, the
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motion to rescind >> breed. >> aye. >> campos. >> absent. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> motion passes. >> thank you. >> now, roll call on item two, approval of minutes? >> item number two. >> so now, roll call on item number two. >> commissioner breed? >> aye. >> campos. >> absent. >> kim >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> item passes >> thank you. >> and last item, 13, adjournment. >> thank you. >> thank you, everyone, meeting adjourned. you are welcome.
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>> all right, good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of transportation finance committee meeting, today, october 7th, i would like to call this meeting to order. i am malia cohen, the chair of this committee and to my left are commissioners katy tang and commissioner david chiu and to my right commissioner farrell and commissioner wiener will join us and the clerk of the county is miss erika thank and i would like to thank jim and jesse from sfgovtv for broadcasting the meeting. madame clerk, can you please call the roll.
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>> roll call, commissioner chiu? >> here. >> chiu present. >> commissioner cohen. >> present. >> commissioner farrell. >> present. >> commissioner tang? >> present. >> tang present, commissioner wiener. >> present. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you very much. i'm sorry, i don't have an agenda in front of me, but could you call the next item. >> item 2, approve the minutes of the september 9th, 2014 meeting this. is an action item. >> can you get a motion? motion by commissioner farrell, second by tang, this item passes. >> roll call on item no. 2. >> aye. >> chiu aye. >> commissioner cohen. >> aye. >> commissioner farrell. >> aye. >> tangay. >> commissioner wiener. >> aye. >> this item passes. >> all right this item passes. madame clerk, could you please call item no. 3. >> let's take public comment on item no. 1, seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. item no. 2, excuse me public comment is closed on item 2 madame clerk could you call
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item 3. >> item no. 3, state and federal legislative update. this is an information/action item. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> mark regrets he was not able to be here today, but i will try to step in his place. this month, the packet starting on page 7 of the packet basically the session is over now and so pack yet covers what the governor has signed or vetoed as an overview of the legislative session. the new session starts december 1st. so we'll take a hiatus until then and most of the statutes will take effect as of january 1, except for emergency measures of we're pleased to announce the governor signed ammiano bill that firewalls transportation authority's functions from the new role as treasure island mobility management agency and would like to thank assembly member amaino and mark watts
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for tireless effort on the bill and since its with an urgency item, it is in law right now. another bill that we were tracking closely and are excited that got signed was sb 1077, a bill that will form a road user charge technical advisory committee to study the potential implementation and pilot of a road user charge or vehicle miles traveled fee in california, building on the efforts ongoing in washington and oregon and looking for an alternative t or to the state gas tax. another deis de de saulnier bill for bicycle infrastructure. this would require two-thirds vote of the public, but could raise, as much as $2.5 million a year in san francisco. and then finally ab 11 3 the tang bill that created a new class of bicycle
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infrastructure, so separated right-of-way bicycle infrastructure was signed and required caltrans to establish safety design criteria for those new infrastructure. on the other hand several safety bills that we were in support of tracking over the year were vetoed by the governor, that includes abc15 32 specifically relating to pedestrians and bicyclists. the governor's veto message indicated that he thought the increase of penalties was an unfair burden and that the existing penalties were enough. so this is something there was a lot of momentum behind the bills this year and anticipate next year this will also come up. and of course, given vision zero and other efforts woring with sfmta and the mayor's office to move those types of bills forward a. as the next session ramps up we'll bring
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the transportation authority bills to you and working in coordination with city partners on developing that. next year in addition, to the pedestrian and bicycle safety bill we anticipate that the the legislature is going to folk on california's funding crisis for transportation and in particular mark has said they will focus on bills at reduce the voter threshold for measures for transportation and other local revenue measures. with that, i'm happy to answer any questions. commissioner tang has a question. >> that you.are, not really a question, but although i completely understand why governor brown had vetoed certain pieces of legislation, especially about increased fines, i have said this to staff, ta staff as well, but looking forward to working with the tato figure out how we can improve safety around our school zones. i know we lowered the speed limits in school zones in san francisco, but there would be
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more done whether infrastructure wise or more things and so in any case looking forward to working with the ta on that. >> thank you. let's take public comment on this item. public comment is now open. seeing no public comment. public comment is closed. thank you for your presentation. madame clerk, is there a motion for this item? >> it is informationally. >> thank you. could you please call the next item. >> award of you athree-year professional services contract with an option to extend for two additionat one-year periods to sptj consulting in an amount not to exceed $50,000 for commuter network and maintenance services. >> good morning, miss wong. >> this is a routine administration item. it's a contract for
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transportation authority's computer network and maintenance and services which include desktop computers hardware, software, our computers, our phones, our servers and data backup and retrievals and disaster recovery preparation. the current it provider right now is on-site at least once a week and comes as necessary when issues come up. when we do have smaller issues we try to triage that within the office, with the help of the deputy director for technology and data analysis. we issue and rfp back in july 30th and with the goal of 25% lbe and dbe, local business enterprise and disadvantaged business enterprise goals. we received two proposals. a third proposal actually came in, but came in after the
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submission deadline. we advertised the rfp at the chronicle, examiner, the bay company and we also included this in the ta's list of small disadvantaged services. the bay area and cultural chamber of commerces and small business councils. the internal panel consists of three members from various divisions within the transportation authority and all three members felt they would like to award the contract to sptj the current consultant we have here. we have had two large projects such as the office move to market street and we just recently went live with with our enterprise accounting system. they actually proposed that 83%
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on dbe -- we have brought this item before the cac, on october 1st and there was a motion of support, a unanimous motion of support for the item. we have budgeted this in fiscal year 14-15 adopted transportation budget for future years we would ensure there would be prop k funds available to meet the needs. with that i am seeking a recommendation for pay 3-year professional services contract with sptj. with that i am happy to answer questions and i also have someone from sptj to answer questions. >> the company that missed the
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2:00 deadline -- >> what we actually go an extra step at the ta. in our building we have a pretty heavy-duty security system and place somebody before the security to receive these submissions. so no one actually has to go through and spend extra time. they are not black-listed from any transportation authority, but we need to be fair to the other people who did turn the rfp in and only consider those and not consider the one that came in late. >> understand that completely. do we just double-check to make sure there were no technologically glitches that prevented? >> yes, in this case, the firm said they have traffic issues. >> okay. >> that is why they were delayed. >> that is too bad. next time. well, seeing there are no members on this body
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that have comments. let's open for public comment on the item. i would like to entertain public comment on item no. 4. seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. thank you, madame clerk i believe this is an action item. item no. 4. >> item no. 4 commissioner chiu. >> aye. >> commissioner cohen. >> aye. >> commissioner farrell. >> aye. >> commissioner tang? >> aye. >> commissioner farrell? >> aye >> this item passes. >> please call item no. 5. >> introduction of new items, this is an information item. >> colleagues, are there any new items for introduction? seeing none, we're take public comment on this item. seeing that there is no public comment, public comment is closed. madame clerk, could you please call general public comment? >> item no. , general public comment. >> no general public comment.
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it's closed. thank you very much. what is next on the agenda, madame clerk. >> item no. , adjournment. >> fantastic, ladies and gentlemen, the meeting is adjourned. thank you [ gavel
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week. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the san francisco. the reporter: has many opportunities to get out and placing play a 4 thousand acres of play rec and


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